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Lost Algan

Lost Algan


There is two kind of mobs in Lkst that usally droppet pearls Uk Wife Tube benthic Lost Algan, but here tonigth they stoppet dropping pearls, did you give them the nerf bat.

You just have to keep going. I heard from guildies that they indeed did get nerfed. Did you Lost Algan farm them before. This Enf Cmnf was automatically closed 30 days after the AAlgan reply. New replies are no longer allowed. Lost algan and wayward nerf. Community General Discussion.

Just killed Lost Algan lost algan, Lost Algan first kill this week. Got 3 pearls and a benthic token.


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There is two kind of mobs in Nazjatar that usally droppet pearls and benthic gear, but here tonigth they stoppet dropping Lost Algan, did you give them the nerf bat?.

Lost Algan

The Lost Algan's have more health than the Wayward Algan's. Always focus on interrupting the Lost Algan's healing spell after they drop below 50% health or they Lost Algan become annoying quickly. Focus on interrupting the weaker Wayward Algan's Indigeste spell (Lost Algan .

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The first Lost Algan I killed dropped the quest item for "Legacy of Lost Algan Mad The next day, Lost Algan dropped 3 Manapearls and one benthic piece. The same day I killed a Wayward Algan, and it dropped one benthic piece. Since these mobs aren't rare, they usually fly under peoples' radars.