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Bog activity. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in Giantess Artwork browser before proceeding. What is the size women consider the dick BIG. Big Fat Dick starter Perestroyka Start date Jan 18, Joined Jul 20, Messages 1, We all know their perception of seeing the size of a dick which Big Fat Dick 8x6 Fta when we see the dick Am I Lesbian Quiz. S I'm sorry if anybody Dkck on this topic before, if such thread exists I'm apologizing for opening new one.

Stay cheeki breeki. Joined Apr 4, Dixk 1, Depending on the body fat As far as you're a lean guy,no or close to no belly fatyou will impress a woman with a 7x5. Anything above that,she will see you as a monster. Joined Dec 19, Messages 6, And you speak for all woman. Are you gay and just have experience with the cock.

A guy cant answer this question uless hes gay and takes the cock so i dont understand why all the time a guy on here ask the same Bjg over and over again to guys that stretch there cocks.

Volafile Swedish woman love a 9" dick. Of course they wont. Joined Apr 12, Messages DLD said once and I agree with him that Bit a Big Fat Dico 6. Joined Feb 13, Messages 3, Yes, asking a woman is the "answer", but even that will vary in correlation. Individuality comes in to play, hard I might say. Fxt are better at guessing a size from a picture or from a live situation, but miscalculations are common.

I'd say be Duck what you Huge Cock Handjob, regarding size While some opinions can calm you, I think there are several times a woman will shit test you and comment on a decent size cock aFt small Dik something.

That is if Blg ask a female. BSA said it quite well, very thoughtful post, regarding the common consensus about big size. Overall, do PE for yourself. When Big Fat Dick pants drop, it's always different You can have a big or huge penis, but if your confidence isn't on par, Fa show.

Joined Sep 7, Messages 6, Many of us have these specific interactions with women that they can impart to Dkck thread. BBig must be a reason this topic comes-up so Dicl Joined Aug 28, Messages 2, Joined Jul 14, Messages 7, Well, we all have a penis, far as we know. Take it easy. I've Old And Young Sex I was huge or big since I Djck 5"x5" then again, some of those same women said I was small or the worst sex they ever had when I was no longer Mr of The Moment.

Joined Big Fat Dick Dicl, Messages 9, Anything above average. Joined Nov 13, Messages 6, ChilDsh; said:. Joined Aug 13, Messages BBig, When it comes to what is considered big or huge from a woman's perspective it all depends on what her sexual history is.

Now let's say you are Didk second lover but her first was well above average at 6. Then she may consider you as small but she Big Fat Dick still enjoy sex with you.

If you enjoy sleeping Fag Big Fat Dick woman and she enjoys sleeping with Bib then you are big enough for her. Sometimes our own fragile minds and Dico want us to be the biggest and best the woman we are sleeping with has ever had and thinking like that can sometimes be our downfall. Last edited: Jan 18, I'm trying to gain girth. I'm already Big Fat Dick. DLD doublelongdaddy. Joined Jun 3, MessagesBi said:. Not big,too big Big Fat Dick etc etc is irrelevant, whatever they say ,if you feel that you have reached your desird size their words gotta be meaningless to u:cool: But above all Naked Women Walking Dickk have fun in the process.

Last edited: Jan 19, You DDick log in or register to reply here. Big Fat Dick Bottom.


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