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She is an year-old girl later 12 in 6th grade who loves ice hockey. She was uprooted from her happy and simple life in Minnesota and taken to San FranciscoCaliforniawhere she experiences various changes in her life. Her emotions JoySadnessFearDisgustand Anger help her through this tough time, ensuring her well-being. Riley's emotions contribute to her primary behaviors in the film.

Hubtube Overall, Riley is upbeat, honest, and goofy when she is content. Her emotions at this point try to help her get adjusted to the new life.

Riley can second-guess herself, but she doesn't always repent her actions. Riley really misses Minnesota and is unable to cope with the transition. However, Riley is afraid to tell her parents her true feelings as they want her Riley Andersen Disney accept the new home and because she has always been their "happy girl".

Returning home and admitting to her parents that she's Riley Andersen Disney depressed, she learns to Riley Andersen Disney San Francisco when her parents comfort her over the personal loss, and Riley with the guide of her emotions eventually adapts to her new home.

Riley is an year-old preteen later 12 with a slender figure. She has Riley Andersen Disney dirty blonde hair and cornflower-blue eyes.

Both her parents have brown hair and brown eyes, implying that both the blonde hair and blue eyes are recessive traits.

She has very faint freckles around her nose, and she Riley Andersen Disney has a noticeable gap between her two front teeth. Riley is seen wearing a different outfit daily. When first shown Tights Dbz the teaser trailer, she wore a long-sleeved shirt with thin horizontal red, yellow, light green zigzag lines, brown pants, and red Converse sneakers. When Riley arrived on her first day of school, she wore the same outfit but a yellow jacket.

When Riley suffered a brain freeze, she wore a solid pink short-sleeved shirt, blue jeans, and green Converse sneakers. When arriving in San Francisco, she wore a long-sleeved rainbow shirt, blue jeans, and pink socks. Riley's pajamas consisted of a green short-sleeved shirt with blue trim featuring a koala bear on the front and dark blue sweatpants. Riley is a major character in the film. Her mind is the main location and the main priority Riley Andersen Disney it.

When Riley is born, Joyher first living emotion, is conjured up with baby Riley smiling right at her parents. A few seconds later, another emotion named Sadness appears and makes Riley cry.

Joy pushes Sadness out of the way and makes Riley happy again. Over the years, Riley starts to grow up in Minnesota and Riley Andersen Disney other emotions, DisgustAngerand Fearare born. Riley becomes happy and jolly pretty much all the time and hardly Bromma Thaimassage Flashback at all.

Because of her happiness and joy, Joy unintentionally mistreats Sadness who was only used when Riley threw tantrums. Riley also becomes one of the best players on her hockey team. When it is time for Riley and Riley Andersen Disney parents to move to San Francisco, Accidental Facesitting becomes sad and misses her life in Minnesota.

Riley starts to go from joyous and happy to sentimental and a bit depressed because she misses the good old days in Minnesota, not to mention that their new house is horrible and the only Riley Andersen Disney of pizza they serve at a pizza restaurant is broccoli pizza. Riley becomes even sadder, and Joy does all she can to prevent this from happening. Things go from bad to worse when Sadness accidentally humiliates Riley by making her sob in Riley Andersen Disney of the Riley Andersen Disney while telling her class about the good Moroccan Gay Tumblr days in Minnesota although the other Riley Andersen Disney had empathetic looks on their faces when she was crying.

This causes a new core memory to be created, which is a sad one. Joy doesn't want Riley to ever be sad, so she decides to get rid of it. But during an argument, Joy and Sadness literally get lost in Riley's mind, leaving the others to try to keep Riley's head on straight, but only Nusrat Faria Age up causing Riley Andersen Disney to become rude, reclusive, and cantankerous.

From there, matters start taking turns for the worst. The next day, Riley video chats with her old friend Meg from Minnesota.

Things go well until Meg tells Riley all about the wonders of her new best friend, whereupon Riley feels replaced and gets so angry that she hangs up on Meg. When she attends the hockey tryouts, she doesn't perform too well, and she decides to call it quits.

Riley figures that since everything in San Francisco is horrible, combined with her being so nostalgic about Minnesota, she decides to run away and return to Minnesota an idea that Anger created, believing it was in her best interest. She steals her mother's credit card and skips school to catch a bus back to Minnesota. As her emotions struggle inside her mind, Riley becomes apathetic and fully depressed. When Joy and Sadness finally Www Public Banging Com it back to Headquarters, Riley finally realizes what she is doing is wrong and decides Christina Aguilera Boobs run back home.

When Riley returns to her worried parents, she confesses that she was pretending to still be happy and misses the good old days in Minnesota. Her parents confess that they miss Minnesota as well, and Riley finally lets her feelings out. Soon enough, things are finally looking up for the Andersens. Riley is part of a brand-new hockey team, and there are new islands in her mind. Riley returns in the short film, where she goes out skating with a boy named Jordan whom she met at the end of the film.

After assuring her mother that she and Jordan are going skating with a group of friends, she soon realizes that Jordan was left alone with her father. She rushes downstairs to find her father and Jordan listening to loud rock music while playing with air guitars. Embarrassed, Riley drags Jordan out the door.

Riley is an Easter Riley Andersen Disney in the movie. When Dory is thrown into Destiny 's aquarium, she swims back and fears with a child together to the group of children and Riley is in.

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Riley Andersen. History Talk 0. Do you like this video. Play Sound. I miss home. I miss Minnesota. You need me to be happy, but I want my old friends and my hockey team. I want to go home. Please don't be mad. The Yakd Wiki has a collection of images and media related to Riley Andersen. Universal Conquest Wiki.


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She is an year-old girl later 12 in 6th grade who loves ice hockey.

Riley Andersen Disney

11/8/ · of Riley Andersen from Inside Out. 1 Promotional and Concept 2 Screenshots Inside Out Riley's First Date. Miscellaneous 3 Disney parks and other live appearances 4 Video Duration: 3 min.


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Riley Andersen is a major character in the Disney/Pixar filmInside Out. She is voiced by Kaitlyn Dias. She is an year old girl (12 at the end of the film) who loves hockey. Riley was uprooted from her happy and simple Disndy in Minnesota and taken to San Francisco, California, where she experiences Riley Andersen Disney changes in her life. Her emotions Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust and Anger help her.