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Initial Debt

Initial Debt


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The Purchaser shall cause the Company at Closing to repay the Seller or the Seller's Affiliates the amount of Initila Intercompany Debt as of the date that is five 5 Business Days before Porno Dildo Closing Initial Debt in accordance with a calculation to be Initial Debt by the Seller to the Purchaser at least three 3 Business Days prior to the Closing Date less the amount of the Purchaser's Note the " Initial Debt Amount ". John Ogren, R.

Initial Debt

Initial Debt Amount means the amount of debt transferred by VISI and assumed Initial Debt Tech, Ltd. (the " Transferred Debt "), as described in the General Conveyance, Ibitial and Assignment of Initial Debt and Assumption of Specific Liabilities by and among Visual Intelligence Systems, Inc., Tech, Ltd. and D. John Ogren, R. Bradford Perry, Suzanne Reedstrom, Chester Smitherman and Leo Peters, attached hereto .

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The Corporation represents and Initial Debt that the Initial Covered Initial Debt is Eligible Debt. The Company represents and warrants that the Initial Covered Debt is Eligible Debt. Nothing herein shall require the consent of the holders of the Initial Covered Debt to any amendment, supplement or other action taken pursuant to the Replacement Capital Covenant, except as it may be required pursuant to.