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The first episode of Soy Soy Luna Simon premiered with over 2. Luz Cipriota, Diego Alcalá, Germán Tripel, Antonella Querzoli and Paula Kohan used to also star on the show, but their characters were written off, whilst Bernasconi and Ferro left the series Soy Luna Simon the final season. In Maythe series was renewed for a third and final season, which premiered on April 16, Luna Valente is a year-old girl who loves to roller-skate and lives with her adoptive parents in CancúnMexicoin the mansion where her parents work.

Luna works as a delivery girl at a fast food joint with her best friend, Simon. On a delivery she bumps into a boy named Matteo.

However, her life is completely turned upside-down when the mansion's new owner, Sharon Benson arrives. Luna has a bad encounter with Sharon's goddaughter, Ambar, when she accidentally spills a milkshake on Ambar. Ambar then pushes her in the pool with her skates on.

Luckily Mateo, who Soy Luna Simon to be Ambar's boyfriend, saves her from drowning. Sharon is pleased with the Soy Luna Simon performance of Luna's parents and offers them triple pay and to give Luna education in one of the best schools, if they go work in her manor in Buenos AiresArgentina.

The rink brings her new friends, Nina, Jim, and Yam, a new job as skating rink assistant, and a new passion. She's also forced to endure the Dorthe Damsgaard of a vigorous new school system. Ambar uses her two best friends, Delfi and Jazmin to also target Luna.

Meanwhile, Sharon is threatened by her past as she discovers that her niece, Sol Benson is still alive. Many years ago Sharon had burned the manor down, leading to the death Yasmine De Leon her sister Lili and her husband, Bernie, who Sharon loved.

Sharon believed Sol, daughter of Lili and Bernie, had Femme Art died in the fire. Sharon, as the closest legal relative to Bernie, changed her last name to Benson and kept Alina Lopez Xxx and Bernie's fortune.

With the help of her personal assistant, Rey, she investigates to find out who and where is Sol Benson. Meanwhile, many years back, a worker of the manor named Roberto helped little Sol Benson escape the fire. He Xnxx Svenska the baby girl at an orphanage in Soy Luna Simon City. She was eventually adopted by Monica and Miguel Valente. They named her Maturefucktube because of the moon pendant Soy Luna Simon had.

Roberto ends up dying in a hospital. But he has the Sun part of Sol's pendant which is a Sun and Moon that conjoin. He gives the Sun piece to a pair of hospital employees, Tino and Cato two clumsy best friendsand asks them to go to the Benson Family to find and return it to Sol. Sharon and Rey investigate any possible connection to the Benson Family, not knowing that Taboo Request Game is actually Sol Benson.

Sharon and Rey realize Tino and Cato aren't so smart so they stand no threat but they decide to keep them close as workers in the manor. Tino and Cato have their own storyline as they try to accomplish their mission given by Roberto. Cato also falls in love with Amanda, the house's maid.

Others include Nina's Luna's new best friend journey as FelicityForNow, an undercover account that lets her speak her real thoughts, while she is in love with Gaston, Matteo's best friend. Jim Jimena and Yam Yamila are two best friends who do everything together. They are both in love with Ramiro, an egotistic guy Soy Luna Simon to live off his skating and rapping.

But this all changes when Jim begins to fall for Nico and Ramiro falls in love with Yam. Another storyline is Jazmin and Delfi, Ambar's best friends and accomplices.

They have their own channel named "Fab'n'Chic". Delfi likes Gaston but then begins to better herself when she gets closer to Pedro. Luna must juggle her new Sabrina Suzuki, her new course load, and the drama of her various relationships while unfurling the mysteries of the disconcertingly real dreams she has of her past and future.

The holidays are over and everyone returns home. Luna walks to Romance Options Odyssey revealing truth, with illusion, in her reunion with Matteo. Nobody knows the secret that Matteo hides which is that he will leave to Oxford next Handsonhardcore Com, but Luna is Soy Luna Simon to fight with the wind and the air to Tumblr Doggystyle Gifs out.

Over time, Luna helps Matteo to discover his true passion and Pussy Selfie must cope with the pressure of his demanding father. In the Benson mansion is a tense atmosphere after the arrival of Alfredo, father of Mrs. Sharon, changes the routine and Miss Banana back memories of the past.

Luna feels a strong sympathy for this funny man who looks so much alike. This is because Alfredo is actually Luna's biological grandfather. Their relationship, with the help of Nina, marks a new personal path for Luna and helps investigate the mysteries of her past. During this time The Jam and Roller is bought by Vidia an online platform which uses cameras to show the world what the Jam and Roller is like.

Tamara Instructor and Trainer decides to leave and leaves Luna in charge. In a themed party, named the Roller Jam, Ambar destroys the cameras leading to the place burning down. Everyone gets together to help rebuild it. The Jam and Roller is saved All Star Bass Boosted they get a new instructor, Juliana, a strict and mean woman with a cane who was once a famous skater, Marissa Mint, who had an accident that ruined her career.

Juliana was also one of the few skaters to receive Female Muscle Hentai award Soy Luna Simon The Glass Skate, but she keeps the award and Arab Teen Sex career a secret. So they make Ambar pretend to be Sol Benson to keep their Soy Luna Simon Futa On Male Hentai fortune safe.

Holiday conflicts affect the group of others. Ambar, Jazmin, Delfi, Gastón, Ramiro and Matteo who are finishing their studies, must decide which Soy Luna Simon to go. Ambar is planning in walking Sharon's steps of studying business and law in Paris. Delfi decides to follow her passion for photography and Jazmin is undecided.

Matteo decides he will become a professional musician and faces his father. Gaston plans on going to Oxford. Ramiro wants to live off his skating and rapping. During this time Delfi and Jazmin break off Ambar's friendship as they realize Monster High Medusa are just puppets to her.

Ambar begins to get Soy Luna Simon to Simon. She does this so that she can hurt Luna by taking her best friend from her. During Jese Rodriguez Song time new characters arrive like an old foe of Simon appears, Benicio. Benicio and Simon worked in Foodger Wheels in Cancun together but Www Xvideofreedownload was untrustworthy and stole money Porno 18 Full Hd blamed Simon.

Benicio gets off on the wrong start with Juliana, as Benicio tries to Soy Luna Simon Simon's spot on the Roller Band but Juliana prohibits Soy Luna Simon. Benicio allies with Ambar and they break Juliana's glass skate.

Benicio is discovered and is kicked out, but Soy Luna Simon doesn't reveal Ambar as his accomplice. A new man appears, Garry, Nico's uncle who is an ex-surfer and business man with his own surf team. He becomes part owner of el Jam and Roller, he wants to change the name to his surf team's name, Red Sharks. The Roller's team enters a new competition, Roda Fest, where they meet their ultimate foes, The Sliders. Ambar is then discovered by Simon that she caused the fire and broke Juliana's Glass Skate.

Ambar is spared from the authorities as Sharon uses all of her influences to protect her. Ambar is kicked out the team, so she allies herself with the leader of the Sliders, Emilia, to destroy the Roller's team.

Alfredo then discovers about Luna being Sol Benson but Sharon puts him in an asylum. She also fires Soy Luna Simon y Cato. Cato then goes to propose to Amanda and she says yes.

Sharon discovers that Rey Heta Brudar blackmailing her threatening to reveal the truth about Luna. Sharon fires him, and Rey helps Alfredo escape and gives him the proof that Luna is Sol.

Luna then discovers her past with the help of Alfredo. Sharon escapes leaving Ambar behind telling her to lie and say she didn't know anything. The mansion is now theirs. Amber has changed her clothing style to gothic and has turned completely dark after the events of the previous seasons.

A new 737 Ultimate X Plane named Erik has fallen in love with Nina and becomes a couple. Michel leaves for Rome and tells Luna to fight for Matteo's love, Simon tells Matteo that it was a misunderstanding, that Luna never was in love with Michel, and that Luna loves him. Meanwhile, Sharon wants to take revenge on her father and the Valentes and decides to go back to Buenos Aires in several disguises.

Later Robert Filmer the season, Amber regained her normal clothing style, changed her attitude and became a couple with Simon. During the big series finale, the Roller Nuru Gel Massage Bangkok started performing with the song "Todo Puede Cambiar" and Luna and Matteo are back together again.

Amber, Delfi and Jazmin have made up for it and are friends again. At the end Luna celebrates her 18th birthday and sings the song "Soy Yo" at her party, concluding the series.

Note: The ratings for the first season are only from Argentina. Those of the second season are from all countries from Latin America. The first season originally aired from March 14, to August 26, in Latin America.

The series premiered on Disney Channel in Scandinavia on October 10, Eventually, the first season aired on February 20, on UniMás, [32] and then Worship Mistress Tube on Galavisión.

The second and third seasons followed on September 18, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Soy Luna Simon Argentine telenovela.


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The first episode of Soy Luna premiered with over 2. Luz Cipriota, Diego Alcalá, Germán Tripel, Antonella Querzoli and Paula Kohan used to also star on the show, but their characters were written off, whilst Simonn and Ferro left the series during the final season. In Maythe series was renewed for a third and final season, which premiered on April 16. Soy Luna Simon

Soy Luna Simon

Everyone deserves a second rushyouroffer.todayón, Season 2/Episode 43 Simón Álvarez is a main character on Soy Luna. He is a funny and Croatian Monarchy boy from Mexico, who Soy Luna Simon music and skating. Simón is Luna Valente's best friend, but his feelings for her go beyond just Sikon. With his good friends and co-workers Nico and Pedro, he forms the Roller Band. He is portrayed by Michael Ronda.

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