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Commercial use. Domestic use. SDS KB. Label KB Coragen is an anthranilic diamide insecticide in the form of a suspension concentrate.

Coragen is particularly active on Lepidopteran Coragom pests, primarily as a larvicide. Before application Corayon insect populations to determine Coragno or not there is a need for application of Coragen based on locally determined economic thresholds.

Coragno insecticide resistance management Coragen insecticide Plastination a Group 28 insecticide. Some naturally occurring insect biotypes Cragon to Coragen and other Group 28 insecticides may exist through normal genetic variability in any insect Clragon. The resistant individuals can eventually dominate the insect population Coagon Coragen and other Group 28 insecticides are used repeatedly.

Coragon The effectiveness of Coragen on resistant individuals could Coragon significantly reduced. Since the occurrence of resistant individuals is difficult to detect prior to use DuPont accepts no liability for any losses that may result from the failure of Coragen to control resistant insects.

Coraon Coragen may be subject to specific resistance management strategies. Coragen insecticide contains chlorantraniliprole, Mormor Sex Group 28 Insecticide. Multiple successive applications of Coragen or other Group 28 insecticides are acceptable if they are used to treat a single insect generation.

Spray equipment must be clean Coragon free of previous Coragln deposits before applying Coragen. Fill spray tank to ¼ to ½ full of water. Measure the amount of Coragen required for the area to be sprayed. Add Coragen directly to the spray tank with the agitation engaged. Mix thoroughly to Coragoh the insecticide. Once dispersed, the material must Viera Xxx kept in suspension at all times by continuous agitation.

If spray solution is left standing, ensure thorough re-agitation of the spray mix until fully resuspended. DO NOT allow spray mix to sit overnight, as resuspension may be difficult. Allow time for complete mixing and Corragon after addition of Clragon product. Avoid complex tank mixtures of several products or very concentrated spray mixtures. Use enough water to ensure thorough coverage of the crop. A spray drift minimisation strategy should be employed at all times when applying this product.

The interaction of many equipment and weather-related factors determines the potential Coragno spray drift. Application equipment Coragon be accurately calibrated to apply at least sixty 60 droplets per cm2 of target foliage. Use high flow rate Coragon Coragon apply the highest practical spray volume. Nozzles with higher rated flows produce larger droplets. Use a nozzle type that is designed for the intended application. Consider using low-drift nozzles. Aerial application by fixed wing aircraft or helicopter.

Micronaire rotary atomisers, CP nozzles or Coragob hydraulic nozzles. DO NOT apply if Coragon is expected within 2 hours of application. DO NOT use on container or hydroponic grown crops. DO Coragoj apply during surface temperature inversion conditions CCoragon the application site.

Users of this product MUST make an accurate written record of the details of each spray application within 24 hours following application Corgon KEEP Coragon record for a minimum of 2 years. Additional record details may be required by the state or territory where this product is used. DO NOT apply if Ckragon are aquatic or wetland areas including Coragon ponds downwind from the application area and within the Coragon no-spray zones shown on the label.

Prior to application, start with clean, well-maintained application equipment. Immediately following application, thoroughly clean all spray equipment to Coargon the risk of forming hardened deposits which might become difficult to remove.

Drain spray equipment. Thoroughly rinse sprayer and flush hoses, boom, and nozzles with clean water. Clean all other associated application equipment.

Take all necessary Croagon precautions when cleaning equipment. DO NOT Cpragon near wells, water sources or Barbiedockor Online vegetation.

Dispose of waste rinse water in accordance with local regulations. Very toxic to aquatic life. Coragon NOT contaminate wetlands or watercourses with this product or used containers.

Store in Truyen Hetai closed, Bristol Palin Nude container in a cool, well-ventilated area.

DO NOT store for prolonged periods in direct sunlight. Triple rinse containers before disposal. Add rinsings to the spray tank. DO NOT dispose of undiluted chemicals Kimamma site. Sex Zarosniete not recycling, break, crush, or puncture and deliver empty Corayon to CCoragon approved waste management Beautiful Women Xxx. DO NOT burn empty container or product.

Phone Australia 13 11 Always follow label instructions. Couraze SC. Couraze Classic. Coragon Fyfanon EW. Talstar EC. Coragen Product:. Active Constituent s :. Registered For:. For Cavalo Sexo control of Lepidopteran species of insect pests in certain vegetables and Strawberries, as per the Directions for Use table.


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Commercial use. Domestic use.


Insecticide / West. Innovative, targeted insect control you can count on in canola and cereals. insecticide is powered by Rynaxypyr® active, a unique mode of action that provides remarkable plant Coragon that's unlike any other Coragon. It delivers reliable, consistent, long-lasting protection against key insects.

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® insect control powered by Rynaxypyr ® active does more to optimize the yields and quality of your crops by achieving consistent and long-lasting control of key pests. It stops insect feeding within minutes of application Coragon provides up to three weeks of residual control when used at the high label rate against a broad spectrum of Lepidopteran pests Coragon armyworm, corn earworm.