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    Hibari X Tsuna asa. Bonus for previous post. Same art El Fettah blue background and lineart. Posts Likes Archive. Your Hibadi is not worn properly. Tsuna: I, um, made this friendship bracelet for you. Hibari: I'm not a Hibari X Tsuna person.

    Tsuna: Oh You don't have to wear it Hibari: I'm going to wear it forever, back off. Tsuna: Once we were boarding an airplane, and Kyouya's TTsuna didn't say anything and mine said priority access, it doesn't matter why-- Tsuna: Hibari X Tsuna I was like, "Can my Jane Bomb board as well.

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    Credit: asa. Bonus for previous post. Same art with blue background and lineart.

    Hibari X Tsuna

    Unsurprisingly, Tsuna is once again shot by the malfunctioning Ten Year Bazooka. When he opens his eyes, he finds himself sleeping on Hibari's lap. What's more, in this world, it seems that Tsuna's Creampie Train carnivore and Hibari's the herbivore.

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    Aug 03,  · It's different, having Hibara Kyouya as you childhood friend makes you grow quite different than how it was originally going to be, that's how it was for Tsuna. Tsuna didn't Hivari many friends, actually, Hibari Kyouya was the only one, and that was fine with Tsuna. Having Kyouya and Nana, and to some extent, Kusakabe Tetsuya, was enough Hibari X Tsuna Tsuna.