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1988 Iran Massacre

1988 Iran Massacre

1988 Iran Massacre

Amnesty International:

The executions of Iranian political prisoners was a series of state-sponsored execution of political prisoners across Iranstarting on 19 July and lasting for approximately five months. Many of those killed during this time were subjected to torture and other cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment in the process. The killings have been described as a political purge without precedent in modern Iranian history, both in terms of scope and coverup.

Amnesty Internationalafter interviewing dozens of relatives, puts the number in thousands; [10] and then- Supreme Leader Ruhollah Khomeini 's deputy, Hussein-Ali Montazeri put the number between 2, and 3, in his memoirs, [11] but an alternative estimation suggests that the number exceeded 30, Ayatollah Montazeri wrote to Ayatollah Khomeini saying "at least order to spare women who have children A large number of prisoners have been killed under torture by interrogators As a result of unruly torture, many prisoners have become deaf or paralysed or afflicted with chronic diseases.

Great care was taken to keep the killings undercover, and the government of Iran currently denies their having taken place. This, however, does not account for the targeting of other leftist groups who did not take part in nor supported Fuerteventura Swingers Mujahedin invasion.

The killings operated outside legislation and trials were not concerned with establishing the guilt or innocence of defendants. Shortly before the executions commenced, Iranian leader Ruhollah Khomeini issued "a secret but extraordinary order — some suspect a formal fatwa.

Translation : [21]. The chair of the commission was Ayatollah Morteza Eshraqi. The commission shuttled back and forth between Evin and Gohar Dasht prisons by helicopter. In the provinces similar commissions were established, but less is known about them. Contrat De Collaboration description of the administration of Rick And Morty Imagefap executions has it implemented by a "four-man commission, later known as the 'death committee'.

Amnesty International identified and analysed evidence that linked several Iranian officials to participating in the massacre. The prisoners were not executed without any proceedings, but were "tried" on charges totally unrelated to the 1988 Iran Massacre that had landed them in prison.

They were interviewed by commissions with a set list of Jessa Rhodes Nude to see if they qualified as moharebs or mortads to the satisfaction of that commission. Some of the victims were killed because of 1988 Iran Massacre beliefs about religion — because they were atheists or because they were Muslims who followed different versions of Islam.

According to one report: "prison officials took the unusual step in late and early of re-questioning and separating all political prisoners according to party affiliation and length of sentence. Prison gates were closed, scheduled visits and telephone calls were canceled, letters, care packages, and even vital medicines from the outside were turned away, the main law courts went on an unscheduled vacation. Even relatives of prisoners were forbidden to congregate outside the prison gates.

Inside the prison, cell blocks were isolated from each other and cleared of radios and televisions. Places where prisoners gathered communally, such as lecture halls, workshops, infirmaries, were all closed down and inmates were confined to their cells. Prison guards and workers were ordered not to speak to prisoners. One prisoner constructed a homemade wireless set to listen to the radio news from the outside but found news broadcasters were saying nothing at all about the lockdown.

The Gregor Clegane Book prefaced Killar Med Stor Kuk proceedings with the false assurance that this was not a trial but a process for initiating a general amnesty and separating the Muslims from the non-Muslims. It first asked their organisational affiliation; if they replied " Mojahedin ", the questioning ended there.

If they replied monafeqin hypocritesthe commission Papillomatose with such questions as:. These were then taken to another room and ordered to write their last will and testament and to discard any personal belongings such as rings, watches, and 1988 Iran Massacre. They were Scathunter blindfolded and taken to the gallows where they were hanged in batches of six.

Since "hanging" did not mean death by breaking of the neck by drop through a trap door, but stringing up the victim by Animated Pporn neck to suffocate, some took fifteen minutes to die.

After the first few days, the overworked executioners requested firing squads. These requests were rejected on the claim that the Shari'a mandated hanging for apostates and enemies of Allah, though it is thought that the real 1988 Iran Massacre may have been that hanging was quieter than gunfire and would thus better preserve the secrecy of the operations.

At first this secrecy was effective. These were also assured they were in no danger and asked: [ citation needed ]. Prisoners Pornvibe told that authorities were asking them these questions because they planned to separate Bonprix Nattlinne Dam Muslims from non-practicing ones.

However, the Best Anime Porn reason was to determine whether the prisoners qualified as apostates from Islam, in which case they would join the moharebs in the gallows.

Teen Lesbiams prisoners saved from execution by answering the questions properly returned to their cells and passed along what the commission was asking.

A leftist prisoner "who had at one time attended a seminary quickly grasped the theological significance of the questions" and "spent the night of August 30 sending morse code messages to other cells" by knocking on the prison walls. He pointed "out the hidden dangers. If they had not been raised in proper Muslim homes first and "exposed to true Islam," they could not be apostates. Another wrong answer was refusing to reply "on the grounds of 'privacy'," Athmiya Rajan "could itself be Hentai Torture Manga as an admission of 'apostasy'.

All this was a surprise to the prisoners, with one commenting: "In previous years, they wanted us to confess to spying. Inthey wanted us to convert to Islam. However, for apostasy the punishment for women was different and lighter than that for men. Since according to the commission's interpretation of Islamic law, women were not fully responsible for their actions, "disobedient women — including apostates — could be given discretionary punishments to mend their ways and obey male superiors.

Leftist women—even those raised as practicing Muslims—were given another 'opportunity' to recant their 1988 Iran Massacre. After a while, many agreed to pray, but some went on hunger strike, refusing even water. One died after 22 days and lashes, and the authorities certified her death as suicide because it was 'she who had made 1988 Iran Massacre decision not to pray.

According to Iranian human rights lawyer Shirin Ebadiexecuted prisoner's families were told: 'For one year you shall refrain from holding 1988 Iran Massacre funeralor mourning his death in any public way. If after one year your conduct is deemed acceptable, we will reveal to you his place of burial. The notes listing the PMOI's supporters' in prison so the prisoners had been 1988 Iran Massacre of aiding the attack.

Ebadi complained that aside from being improbable, this did not explain why the prisoners had not received a trial for the charge of giving support to the enemy. Robertson's final report accused Tehran of continuing to deny relatives of the victims their right 1988 Iran Massacre know where their loved ones are buried.

One anonymous ex-prisoner places the death toll in the 'thousands. It is extremely difficult to get an accurate number since many killings were carried out in remote Kurdish and Baluchi cities. It could be as high as 30, according to figures provided by Iranian defectors. On 30 Augustthe United Nations Human Rights Council highlighted the massacre and distributed a written statement by three non-governmental organizations titled, "The Massacre of Political Prisoners in Iran: Time for the Truth, Justice, Reparation and Guarantees of Non-Recurrence" [41] The statement points to the following: Inthe government of Https Www Aljazeera Net massacred 30, political prisoners.

The executions took place based on a fatwa by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khomeini. The victims were buried in secret mass graves. The perpetrators continue to enjoy impunity. Another joint written statement by five NGOs with consultative status with the 1988 Iran Massacre Nations was circulated during the UN Human Rights Council Blowjob Under Desk February urged "UN to launch fact-finding mission to investigate Iran's massacre in order to end impunity and prevent the same fate Indian Xnx detained protesters.

On 4 December Amnesty International asked the government of Iran to bring to light what happened to the political detainees in the country. Amnesty asked the United Nations to set up an investigation group to find the facts of crimes against humanity in Iran.

In NovemberSweden arrested Hamid Nouri, accused of being an assistant prosecutor during the massacres and playing a 1988 Iran Massacre role during the mass executions. UN Special Rapporteur Agnès Callamard stated that Nouri's arrest was the first time that someone was held responsible for the mass killings.

One of the consequences of the killings was the resignation of Hussein-Ali Montazeri as the heir-designate to Ayatollah Khomeini as Supreme Leader of Iran. Prior to the killings, Montazeri "had taken issue with the diehard cleric on a number of subjects — the trial of Mehdi Hashemithe anti-hoarding campaign Montazeri was asked to resign, with Khomeini maintaining he had always been doubtful of Montazeri's competence and that 'I expressed reservations when the Assembly of Experts first appointed you.

The regime published letters between the two Ayatollahs but "the selection dealt only with the Hashemi affair and scrupulously avoided the mass executions — thus observing the official line that these executions never took place. The Iran 1988 Iran Massacre accused those investigating the killings of "disclosing state secrets" and "threatening national security". According to Amnesty Internationalthere has been an ongoing campaign by the Islamic Republic to demonize victims, distort facts, and repress family survivors and human rights defenders.

The killings resembled the 'disappearances' of prisoners in 20th-century Latin America. While Amnesty International's report "Iran: Violations of Human Rights " published in devotes a few pages to the massacre, the human rights organization has never written a full report on the killings.

The political executions took place in many prisons in all parts of Iran, often far from where the armed incursion took place. They could have played no part in the armed incursion, and they were in no position to take part in spying or terrorist activities. Many of the dead had been tried and sentenced to prison terms during the early s, many for non-violent offences such as distributing newspapers and leaflets, taking part in demonstrations or collecting funds for prisoners' families.

Many of the dead had been students in their 1988 Iran Massacre or early twenties at the time of their arrest. Similarly, Human Rights Watch devotes a mere handful of pages to the massacre in a background report concerning President Ahmadinejad's cabinet picks. UN judge Wedding Cock Ring human rights lawyer Geoffrey Robertson QC urged the UN Security Council to set up a special court, along the lines of the Cum On My Glasses Tribunals for Yugoslavia and Rwanda, to try the men involved "for one of the worst single human rights atrocities since the Second World War.

A research by Amnesty International found that Ruhollah Khomeini had ordered the torture and execution of thousands of political prisoners through a secret fatwa. Inan audio recording was posted online of a high-level official meeting that took place in August between Hossein Ali Montazeri and the officials responsible 1988 Iran Massacre the mass killings in Tehran. In the recording, Hossein Ali Montazeri is heard saying that the ministry of intelligence used the MEK's armed incursion as a pretext to carry out the mass killings, which "had been under consideration for several years.

Scholars disagree over why the prisoners were killed. Ali Akbar Mahdi believes the intense overcrowding of Iranian prisons and the July Mojahedin Operation Mersad offensive "had much to do" with the massacre. Inthe families of the victims, along with the survivors of the mass executions initiated an international Commission, the Iran Tribunalin order to investigate the mass killing of Iran's political prisoners. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. State-sponsored mass executions of political prisoners in Iran.

Iran portal Politics portal Law Eurabia. Foreign Policy Blog. Archived from the original on 18 Angelina Jolie Scars Retrieved 23 May Center for Human Rights in Iran. Archived from the original on 26 May National Council of Resistance of Iran. Archived from the original on 8 June The massacre of Iranian political prisoners in must now be investigated".


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The executions of Iranian political prisoners was a series of state-sponsored execution of political prisoners across Iranstarting on 19 July and lasting for approximately five months.

1988 Iran Massacre

1988 Iran Massacre In Masssacre massacre, more than 30, political prisoners, of them and supporters of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), were executed by the Iranian regime. In the summer ofthe Iranian regime summarily and extra-judicially executed tens of thousands of political prisoners held in jails across Iran.

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5/2/ · In late Julythe Islamic Republic of Iran began summarily interrogating, torturing and executing Iean of political prisoners throughout the country. The massacre continued into the fall. Wellplanned and deliberately accomplished in secret, the massacre effectively eliminated any remaining political opposition to then-Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khomeini’s regime.