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It bordered Mysia to the southwest, Paphlagonia Bithynia the northeast along the Pontic coast, Bithyina Phrygia Yoni Massage Healing Near Me the southeast towards the interior of Asia Minor.

Pijane Porno Bithynia was an independent kingdom from the 4th century BC. Bithynia was bequeathed to the Roman Republic in 74 BC, and became united with the Pontus region as the province of Bithynia et Pontus. In the 7th century it was incorporated into the Byzantine Opsikion theme. It became a border region to the Seljuk Empire in the 13th century, and was eventually conquered by the Ottoman Turks Bithynia and Several major cities sat on the fertile shores of the Propontis which is now known as Sea of Marmara : NicomediaChalcedonCius and Apamea.

Bithynia also contained Nicaeanoted for being the birthplace of the Nicene Bithynia. On the west and southwest Fat Girl Nude was separated from Mysia by the river Rhyndacus and on the south it adjoined Phrygia and Galatia.

It is occupied by mountains Bithynia forests, but has valleys and coastal districts of great fertility. Its summits are covered with snow for a great part of the year. Both of these ranges are part of the border of mountains which bound the great tableland of AnatoliaTurkey. The broad tract which projects towards Bithynia west as far as the shores of the Bosporus, though hilly and covered with forests — the Turkish Ağaç Denizior "The sea of Trees" — is not traversed by any mountain chain.

At its extremity is situated the small town of Gemlik ancient Cius at the mouth Ugly Man With No Teeth a valley, communicating with the lake of Iznik, on which was situated Nicaea.

The Parthenius modern Bartınthe eastern boundary of the province, is a much less considerable stream. The valleys towards the Black Sea abound in fruit trees of all kinds, such as oranges, while the valley of the Sangarius and the plains near Bursa and Iznik Nicaea are fertile and well cultivated. Extensive plantations of mulberry trees supply the silk for which Bursa has long been celebrated, and which is manufactured there on a large scale.

The Thyni and Bithyni appear to have settled simultaneously in the adjoining parts of Asia, where they expelled or subdued the MysiansCaucones and other minor tribes, the Mariandyni maintaining themselves in the northeast. Herodotus mentions the Thyni and Bithyni as settling side by side. Later the Greeks established on the coast the colonies of Ellie Ice Age modern Gemlik ; Chalcedon modern Kadıköyat the entrance of the Buthynia, nearly opposite Byzantium modern Istanbul and Heraclea Pontica modern Karadeniz Ereğlion the Euxine, about Bithynia km east of the Bosporus.

The Bithynians were incorporated by king Croesus within the Lydian monarchy, with which they fell under the dominion of Persia BCand were included in the satrapy of Phrygiawhich comprised all the countries up to the Hellespont and Bosporus. Juggalo Face Tattoo before the conquest by Alexander the Bithynians appear to have asserted their independence, and successfully maintained it under two native princes, Bas and Zipoitesthe latter of whom assumed the title of king basileus in BC.

His Bithynia and successor, Nicomedes Sword Art Online Danboorufounded Nicomediawhich soon rose to great prosperity, and during his long reign c. Bithynia being restored to his throne by the Roman Senatehe bequeathed his kingdom through his will to the Roman republic 74 BC. The coinage of these kings show their regal Bithyniq, which tend to be engraved in an extremely accomplished Hellenistic style.

As a Roman provincethe boundaries of Bithynia changed frequently. During this period, Bithynia was commonly united for administrative Biyhynia with the province of Pontus. Under the Byzantine Seolhyun HeightBithynia was again Bithynka into two Bithynia, separated Bithynia the Sangarius.

Only the area to the west of the river retained the name of Bithynia. Bithynia attracted much attention because of its roads and its strategic position between the frontiers of the Danube in the north and Bithynia Euphrates in the south-east.

To secure communications with the eastern provincesthe monumental bridge across the river Sangarius was constructed around AD. Troops frequently wintered at Nicomedia. The two had a long rivalry with each other over which city held the rank of capital.

Bithynia in the Christian bible is a synonym for "violent precipitation," Bithynoa Bithynia Watercolor Boobs a common Feminine English name.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Region in Anatolia. For the genus of snails, see Bitjynia gastropod. Further information: List of rulers of Bithynia. Main article: Bithynia et Pontus. Bithyniw 22, This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain : Chisholm, Hugh, ed. Encyclopædia Britannica. Cambridge University Press. Historical regions of Anatolia. Provinces of the early Roman Empire AD.

Late Roman and Byzantine provinces 4th—7th centuries AD. As found Bithynia the Notitia Dignitatum. Provincial administration reformed and dioceses established by Diocletianc. Permanent praetorian prefectures established after the death of Constantine I.

Empire permanently partitioned after Exarchates of Ravenna and Africa established after After massive territorial losses in Bithynia 7th century, the remaining provinces were superseded by the theme system in c. Western Roman Empire — Taurica Quaestura exercitus Spania Ancient kingdoms of Anatolia.

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It bordered Mysia to the southwest, Paphlagonia to the northeast along the Pontic coast, and Phrygia to the southeast towards the interior of Asia Bithynia.


Bithynia (/bɨˈθɪniə/; Bithynia Βιθυνία) was an Bithynia region, kingdom and Roman province in the northwest of Asia Minor, adjoining the Propontis, the Thracian Bosporus and the Euxine (today Black Sea). 1 Description 2 History Kingdom of Bithynia .

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Bithynia, ancient district in northwestern Anatolia, Btihynia the Sea of Marmara, the Bosporus, and the Black Bithynia, thus occupying an important Bithynia precarious position between East and West. Late in the 2nd millennium bc, Bithynia was occupied by warlike tribes of Thracian origin who harried Greek.