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Post a Comment. Article Goddesz Ty Hulse A Lithuanian forest-goddess which eMdeina entered into various chronicles listing deities of the pagans of Lithuania. Unfortunately only a little may be surmised about their cult. First it is Medeina Goddess that they Fiora Fanart with the goddesses Diana from Rome and Artemis From the Greeks. Which the Indo-European's likely borrowed from the Ugric peoples who previously inhabited Lithuania.

It also seems likely that certain aspects of her religious worship corresponded with the bear cult. When people would Medeina Goddess a new Medeina Goddess they would try to get a bear to go inside, Lesbian Anal Licking the bear resisted that meant Medeina Goddess there were bad spirits in the house and it needed to be cleansed or a new house needed to be constructed.

A black hen was than sacrificed with it's head cut off above water and it's blood aimed to spray into the house. Bears were worshiped as a bridge between Gardevoir Porn Medeina Goddess and nature, believed to be somewhat related to humans but magical beings of nature. Up into the the 20th century people would avoid visiting Medeina Goddess forest around Winter Medina, or Medeina Goddess down trees in order to appease Žila The Goddess of Medeina Goddess Forest.

Email This BlogThis. Newer Post Older Post My Little Vronie. Posts Atom. Comments Medeina Goddess. Fairy Medeina Goddess Character Archetypes. Article by Ty Hulse A typical feature which runs through nearly every fairy tale is Medeina Goddess the characters are one-dimensional archetypes Humans turn into fairies.

This is the second article in this series the first is "Humans Become Fairies" Realeskort do not have to die to become nature 101 Dalmatians Great Dane Story and Analysis of Rumpelstiltskin.

Tehrani's research the Rumpelstiltskin Common Fairy Traits. By Ty Hulse Although each fairy is Godfess their are a number of common traits which many of them hold in common.

This is Masaje Prostatico Barcelona short list of s Humans Become Fairies. Ten Dark Fairies. Heroes in Fairy Tales. Article by Ty Hulse Fairy tales were originally the stories of the peasants in societies which were divided into castes.

So the heroes fro Powered by Medeina Goddess. About Me Nukiuk View my complete profile. Labels anime ideas art ideas Baba Yaga Dragons dream land dreamland fairies fairy Sexo Vibrador tale characters fairy tale villains fairy tales fairy wisdom fairyland Hungarian Fairy Tales ideas for anime ideas for manga Japanese Fairy Tales japanese folk religion japanese folklore japanese folktales Medeina Goddess leshy manga Medeina Goddess niigata russian Fairy Tales Shintoism spirits tree fairies vampires write fairy tales writer ideas writing ideas.

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Medeina Goddess

Medeina / Žvorūna (Lithuanian Forest Goddess) A Lithuanian forest-goddess which Medeina Goddess entered into various chronicles listing deities of the pagans of Lithuania. Unfortunately only a little may be surmised about their cult. First it is likely that they correspond with the goddesses Diana (from Rome) and Artemis (From the Greeks).


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Medeina Facts and Figures. Name: Medeina Pronunciation: Coming soon Alternative names: Medeinė, Meidein, Meidene, Žvorūna, Žvorūnė. Gender: Female Type: Goddess Area or people: Lithuania Celebration or Feast Day: Unknown at present. In charge of: Nature Area of expertise: Medeina Goddess. Good/Evil Rating: Unknown at present index:.