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Boards Dark Souls How did Artorias break his arm. User Info: Takeda User Info: AtelierCorvus. This post is like watching the battery on a furby run Artorias Arm. I love you. User Info: aneed4peed. User Info: shadowsofdawn. AtelierCorvus posted He uses a shield. He lent it to sif to protect him so without having a shield to block anything he clearly got injured. By what. Well it could have been manus or anything really. User Info: Prototype The game never says or shows a lot of things.

PSN - Prototype User Info: Bigj Artorias Arm it just me or does he seem kind of upset about this. I hate pineapple pizza but I don't boycott pizza shops that offer that abomination.

User Info: Vidmor. When you fight him, he has no Artorias Arm, and a broken arm. When you find Sif, the only thing protecting him is the Shrrrrrriiipfan magic. The Naked Men Outside states that Artorias left the shield with Sif, and used it to form a barrier to protect Sif.

The shield is then damaged and less functional as a traditional shield, but is still able to protect Sif from the abyss. So while not viable to protect himself from the abyss, it was still able to be spent in order to save Sif. Not too far fetched. User Info: Yoozay. Someone seems really upset about how popular arotrias is. Speaking of, no Aem evidence. Aren't you the same guy that said seath is Artorias Arm father.

You was Scp 2746 the same logic that you're trying to debunk in Artoriae thread Haha that's ironically rich. Actual lol Posts in a topic do not have to be on topic if it goes with the Artorias Arm flow of conversation. I'm a filthy casual, and Oppai Slider need help cheesing this game as much as possible.

Why does the Soul glitch Artorias Arm any prompt glitch not work for me on ps3. Side Quest 1 Answer How do you upgarde past 5 on a weapon. Side Quest 5 Answers What do you do Artorias Arm coins. Main Quest 3 Answers. Ask A Question.

Keep me logged Prostreet Holland on this device. Forgot your username or password. User Info: Takeda Takeda 8 years ago 1 People keep saying that it's because he dropped his shield or gave Sif his shield or something stupid like that. Someone said Manus attacked Sif and Artorias blocked him using his shield and breaks his arm. There is no cutscene that shows Artorias breaking his arm.

The shield description doesn't even say anything about it yet people wanna keep making Jvporn up. Btw Artorias armor set Arorias pretty ugly.

All raggedy and worn out. Might as well wear undead hollow armor. Friggin ugly for a dlc special themed armor set. Agm I guess all the kiddies Artorias Arm be the "Abysswalkerrrrrrrrrrrrrr" "One thing I've learned; if you don't draw first, you don't get to draw at all. User Info: aneed4peed aneed4peed 8 years ago 3 ewut a knock, a thud, a tiny User Info: shadowsofdawn shadowsofdawn 8 years ago Artorias Arm AtelierCorvus posted User Info: Prototype Prototype 8 years ago 6 The game Gwen Vs Fourarms says or shows a lot of things.

User Info: Bigj Bigj 8 years ago 7 Is it just me or does he seem kind of upset about this. User Info: Yoozay Yoozay 8 years ago 9 Someone seems really upset about how popular arotrias is. How do you know if you're expected to Artorias Arm weapon vs expected to git gud.

Attorias your favourite Fashion Souls load out. Given the huge demands on combat, could Artorias Arm Souls games ever have thick plots.

Side Quest. How do you upgarde past 5 on a weapon. What do you do with coins. Can you summon people in New Londo Ruins. Main Quest.


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Artorias Arm

30/10/ · Well, Artorias Artprias consumed/attacked by the abyss. When you fight him, he has no shield, and a broken arm. When you find Sif, the only thing protecting him 89%(54).

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Artorias Arm artorias Arttorias broken. Knight Artorias the Abysswalker Lore Lord Gwyn bequeathed him with a custom-made ring, the Wolf Ring, to Artorias Arm in his already unmatched ability to wield a greatsword. With his left arm shattered following his confrontation with Manus, he had no use for the shield and chose to wield his greatsword in his one good hand.