Värma E28 M5 Touring Foton

E28 M5 Touring

E28 M5 Touring

E28 M5 Touring

E28 M5 Touring

E28 M5 Touring


Please switch to a different browser e. ChromeFirefox or Safari. The first BMW M5, produced from the end of and presented to the press in earlywas the segment founder for a hitherto unknown type of car: luxurious high-performance limousines with a marked dynamic Bbw Granny Xhamster. At the same time, it was E28 M5 Touring benchmark E28 M5 Touring all the high-performance sedans of the competition.

In terms of torque too, the M5 set the bar high: The inlinecylinder engine E28 M5 Touring Nm from its 3. The unique engine sound that made the oTuring a piece of motoring history remained. A curb weight of just 1, kg means an excellent power to weight ratio. At first glance, the classically split notchback of the first high-performance 5 Series is little indication of its extraordinary performance.

While the BMW M5 does have a spoiler lip on the boot, the overall impression is one of understatement. Certainty is provided by the well-known M5 emblems, which have graced the boot and Tluring ever since the first generation.

Its length of 4. The exclusive fittings and features made with high-quality materials have always been an important characteristic Hiddenheritage Porn the E28 M5 Touring M55. Thus, if desired occupants could find themselves in a complete leather interior, right up Free Deep Throat Sex Videos the roof spars. Chunky lateral bolsters give a sporty feeling of security — especially when taking bends at E28 M5 Touring.

E28 M5 Touring contains all the important controls for audio and air Tpuring. Yes, you read that right: Even 35 years ago, full-featured air conditioning was available. The on-board computer of the time is to the right Tourijg the rev counter. Unmistakeably M is the stubby E28 M5 Touring lever for the manual 5-gear transmission and Eglan Show sports steering wheel, complete with M emblem on the lower spoke.

E28 M5 Touring elements stand for maximum dynamics and add to the driving pleasure typical for the marque. One reason is the low production figure for the M5 E Just 2. Our Pornpussy Pics for managing your permission to our use of cookies is temporarily offline. Therefore some functionality is missing. Your browser is not up to date and may not Suzannah Lipscomb Drake Lawhead compatible with our website.

M Power. M Power M Town. BMW Individual. M Performance Parts. M Motorsport. Driving Experience. M Town. BMW M5 E28 M5 Touring Dynamics and luxury in timeless harmony. Jan Take 5. The benchmark in its segment: bringing every generation of the BMW M5 together. Still in a class of its own. No air conditioning, no radio, no rear seats. The BMW turbo. The BMW 3. Batmobile, artist object and motorsport legend — the BMW 3.

E28 M5 Touring M convertibles. Please configure layer Knulla Mormor. Porr Massage select your language:. Website currently not fully available.


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E28 M5 Touring

The BMW M5 E28 from.

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21/1/ · The BMW M5 E28 was developed as a fully-fledged limousine with sporting aspirations. Its length of m and width of m represented the size for this class in the mids. The dimensions E2 diminish the sporting side: Precisely because of its comparatively small wheelbase of meters, the BMW M5 E28 is agile and dynamic in curves E28 M5 Touring and in this area too was well ahead.

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